Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sampler

Looking for the full range of flavors you can find in Olive Oils? Need to find out how different this incredibly healthy product can taste? Just like wine, there are many types of olives cultivated for Olive Oil. Your grocer sells blends to meet the average palate. Have you ever tasted grassiness? What about fruitiness? You'll taste all that and more in this assortment. It's perfect for the developing palate.

The 4 Bottle Specifics

Mild Intensity 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Medium Intensity 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Robust Intensity 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Top Selling 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil



The universe of possibilities is wide open with all of these products. Many people have multiple favorites. One for cooking and one for vinaigrettes and another for marinades. The point is, if you like the flavor, there are many, many ways to include it in your overall cooking. Experimenting is not only allowed, it is highly encouraged.

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