Spice Lover Sampler-2 Olive Oils and 2 Balsamics: Chipotle+Habanero+Chili+Sriracha

Whether you want your heat from the Olive Oil side or from the Balsamic Vinegar side, this Sampler will give you choices. You'll find various heat levels in all four of these beautifully balanced products. For the balsamics, the heat is tempered by the honey or the mango for different effects in each and in different usages. For the Olive Oils, the smokiness of chipotle is more mild than the up front heat of the habanero.


In pairings with other oil or vinegar counterparts for salads or marinades. Drizzle on meats, sauces or vegetables just prior to serving to add that last bit of flavor and spicy heat to the dish.


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