Gourmet Sea Salts

Lemon Rosemary Gourmet Sea Salt

This Sea Salt blend is the perfect balance of zesty lemon, aromatic rosemary, and savory garlic. This is an incredibly versatile salt that is sure to leave you coming back for more! The citric acid naturally found in lemon zest adds a unique, complex kick to meals, naturally intensifying and elevating the flavor of any food it touches. Combined with aromatic, woodsy rosemary, savory garlic powder, and pure, crisp Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, this blend is as fresh tasting and versatile as it is delicious. Our Lemon Rosemary Gourmet Sea Salt is the perfect finishing salt, and perfectly complements a variety of foods such as poultry, vegetables, pasta, eggs, potatoes, and more. Our Lemon Rosemary Gourmet Sea Salt is Kosher Certified. 

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