Spice and Herb Blends

Italian Herb Dipping Spices

Representing the traditional seasonings of Italian cuisine, this flavor-booster has become a kitchen classic in this country for its versatility and ease of use in a wide variety of recipes. Italian cooks actually laugh at the notion of our Americanized "Italian Seasoning" as they will quickly tell anyone who'll listen that in traditional Italian cuisine few cooks would actually use herbs sold in blends. Authentic Italian recipes typically call for one or two herbs, but infrequently five or six at once. Most Italian cooks only use fresh herbs and will resort to dried herbs only in extreme emergencies.

When and Where to Use
This fragrant seasoning blend makes it simple to create the signature flavors of Italy right in your home kitchen. Jazz up your recipes with an ideal balance of complex herbal notes, our Italian Herb Spices is also incredibly versatile as you can add it to vinegar & oil for a quick salad dressing and of course, you can add it to just about any tomato-based dish – from lasagna to spaghetti to pizza. We also like to use it to add a mellow, rich flavor to marinades and soups. When Italian Herb Spices are blended with olive oil, this seasoning makes a coating that locks in flavors when baking or roasting chicken.

One of our customer's told us how she loves to mix it with salt-free butter, garlic, and Parmesan cheese to make flavorful garlic bread.

Italian Seasoning is especially good with vegetables, particularly roasted eggplant, potatoes, and zucchini. We also like to mix about 3 tablespoons of Italian Seasoning with 1/2 cup of olive oil to make a quick and tasty olive oil bread dipping.

Our Italian Seasoning is hand blended from rosemary, basil, oregano, sage, and marjoram.

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