Manzanillo 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Robust Intensity


Date  June 2021
Polyphenols  405
FFA  .19
Region  Australia



Originally from Israel, this cultivar is now widely planted in Australia. The fruit are apple shaped, light green color and spotted with tiny whitish dots. They mature to a black color with a hint of purple and are medium sized as far as olives grow. Stylistically, the Manzanillo olive oil can vary a great deal. This one falls into the Robust category with a complex artichoke savory nose, tomato leaf flavor and complementary bitterness and lingering pepperiness. 


Use it in soups, stews, roasted meats, and as a finishing oil to add flavor and depth to any dish. 

Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thanks to its status as a spotlight food in the Mediterranean diet, and thanks to extensive research on its unique phytonutrient composition, olive oil has become a legendary culinary oil with very difficult to match health benefits.

Polyphenols have been shown to function as both antioxidants and as anti-inflammatory nutrients in the body. The very number and variety of polyphenols in olive oil helps explain the unique health benefits of this culinary oil. Because of the high polyphenol levels, as little as 1-2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day have been shown to be associated with significant anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Lowers the risk of Inflammatory and Auto-Immune Disease problems
  • Lowers the risk of Cardiovascular/Heart problems (polyphenols)
  • Assists with proper balance of LDL and HDL cholesterol
  • Digestive Tract benefits
  • Support of overall Bone Health
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Olive Oil is not a commonly allergenic food and is not known to contain oxalates or purines

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