Spice Rack Starter Kit Sampler

It’s time to say buh-bye to boring food! In our opinion, these blends are the easiest way to add amazing flavor without a bunch of hassle. Different blends of spices are what make cooking so easy. Because the blends are hand curated with incredible, fresh ingredients, you’ll find you put these in lots of dishes, just to see what happens.

In The Box

Smoked Lapsang Tea Dry Rub
A Customer favorite, this deeply flavorful rub combines ground tea leaves with molasses and black pepper, giving this rub a formidable presence that lingers, mingling with the salt and flirting with the slight crunch of sesame seeds.

Tuscan Herb Seasoning
A classic blend of herbs with a splash of salt and chili flakes all in 1 bottle make it easy to liven up just about everything. An appropriate upfront garlic flavor with an herbaceous background it finishes with a final subtle splash of heat.

Roasted Garlic Pepper
The flavor is garlic forward, rich and pungent, with onion standing right behind it and pushing it forward like a good team player. The pine-laden heat of black pepper provides depth, while the uncompromised burn of white pepper cuts straight down the middle, creating a no-nonsense blend with a heat that lingers.

Smoky Citrus Seasoning
A truly delightful citrus flavor with just a hint of smokiness from the Smoked Sea Salt topped by the sweet tang of ginger.

Campfire in a Jar
The smell is reminiscent of delightful campfires! Our own custom blend brings layers of smoked flavors in various salts and peppers. Smoked bourbon barrel sea salt and pepper, hickory and applewood smoked sea salts, as well as Hawaiian Alaea sea salt thrown in for some amazing surprises.

Mediterranean Dry Rub
Herbs and spices are used liberally in preparing Mediterranean cuisine because they add aromas and flavors to foods, which reduces the need to add salt or additional fat when cooking. Our salt free Mediterranean dry rub gives you a punch of flavor from this exotic region and can be used as a dry rub or wet rub.

The Gift Box

This box has been carefully designed and crafted to provide numerous additional uses. The inserts can all be used as drawer or shelf organizers, in your kitchen, pantry, garage, bathroom, or dresser. On the box itself, with a pair of scissors, you can remove the wing flaps that lock the closure and use the remainder of the box with a tuck-in lid for a jewelry box type of organization option. The box is fully recyclable if you already have all the organization you need in your house.

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