Club Groove

Welcome to Club Groove!

Club membership shipments happen three times per year:

March, July, November

Enroll today and cancel anytime after the first shipment

Each shipment includes 

  •  500ml plain extra virgin olive oil
    • Mild, Medium or Robust
  •  a curated pairing selection:
    •  250ml infused olive oil 
    •  250ml infused balsamic vinegar 
  •  one gourmet seasoning, sea salt or spice rub

Prior to each shipment you will receive an email to provide your flavor preferences

Member exclusive perks too! Read more here

* Shipping is included in the membership premium US only, outside of US contact us for details


The Fine Print

  • Club shipments are automatically billed three times per year (March, July & November).
  • By joining Club Groove you are agreeing to take at least one club shipment before canceling your membership.
  • All club shipments that have not been picked up from our Tasting Room 30 days following release date will automatically be shipped to member (only applicable to “Pick Up Members”)


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