Pairing of the Month - November

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Pear Apple Aged Balsamic Vinegar & Wild Mushroom & Sage Infused Olive Oil

Pear Apple Balsamic Vinegar and Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil dance together to create a savory and earthy combo with the perfect balance of acid and sweetness.  The Pear Apple Balsamic is fantastic in marinades for poultries and is a favorite to add to sparkling water for a delicious, healthy beverage. The Wild Mushroom & Sage Olive Oil is super flavorful.  We’ve found the perfect balance of earthy mushroom and savory herbal sage. Both flavors shine without being overpowering. The combo is an easy way to taste the flavors of Fall in your dishes.


As always we provide recipes to help you reimagine how our olive oils & aged balsamic vinegars can enhance your life! Here are the links to our latest recipes using this Pairing.

Creamy Wild Mushroom and Sage Pasta

Wild Mushroom and Sage Wild Rice with Pear Apple Dressing

Wild Mushroom and Sage Whole Wheat Focaccia with Pear Apple Glaze

Pear Apple and Wild Mushroom and Sage Zucchini and Caramelized Onions

Read more about why we choose a monthly pairing here. Our goal is to inspire you to discover new flavors to change up your menu in the easiest ways possible.